Marco Brolli flauto traverso 
Marco Scorticati flauto dolce 
Fabio Bonizzoni clavicembalo

Un viaggio tra le diverse sonorità dei flauti - dolce e traverso - in compagnia di tre musicisti che si sono incontrati presso il Conservatorio di Novara, dove condividono la passione per l’insegnamento.

Concerto in collaborazione con il Dipartimento di Musica Antica del Conservatorio Cantelli di Novara e con il Festival Fiati di Novara.



Throughout my musical career, some of the most meaningful and memorable moments have been captured through recordings. I am pleased to share with you a comprehensive list of the many albums that I have been a part of - some of which I have recorded independently, while others were created in collaboration with a few close colleagues or with a large ensemble. As an active performer for many years, particularly with La Risonanza, there are indeed many recordings to my name - perhaps even an overwhelming number.